Nata Vacheishvili

Software Engineer

I am a software engineer
with experience in web and mobile based applications and services.
Expert in React, Vue, Node, SQL & AWS.
Enjoye coding in many more languages. Feel free to contact me!

About Me

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  • Name: Nata Vacheishvili
  • Address: Boston, MA
  • Nationality: Georgian
  • Email:

About me

I'm self-confident, creative and naturally passionate. I’m forward thinker, which others may find inspiring when working as a team. I have developed and customized numerous websites and desktop applications following MVC framework. Excellent communication and critical thinking skills with a great ability to learn quickly, be creative and grasp applications' underlying business ideas. I enjoy CODING, playing piano, skiing, hiking, traveling and swimming!


An opportunity to work at a company, where I can grow myself personally and professionally. I want to be a part of the community that values integrity, intelligence and creativity.

What I Do ?

I have lots of experience in customizing or creating modern responsive websites with creative design involving latest frameworks. I enjoy working as a Front End/Full Stack Developer.

  • Front-End Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Backend Development

Demo Links

For side projects I am currently working on - please visit my Personal Github

Too see more about my current work please visit my work Github account Work Github

I have been interested in Mobile Applications lately, and designed Mobile Web Apps with a friend from Web Technology for a theme marketplace called ThemeForest - See My Profile. We worked together to produce designs in Adobe XD, however, worked alone to implement them with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Some of the projects I have worked on with Web Technology is here

To see more please jump to the section Projects

I became interested to learn more about AWS Technologies last year and ended up getting a certification (CH6H2W02DJ4QQSS4) - to validate please visit AWS Website and enter the certification number given.



  • 2014 - 2018

    Bachelor Degree

    BS in Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    I completed Bachelors of Computer Science degree in Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA.
    Graduated with a Distinction Honor and have been recognized in Dean's List multiple times!
    GPA: 3.3


  • 07/2018 Current

    Front End Software Engineer

    Integrated Field Solutions, Boston, MA

    Led front end development of redesigning all primary products to improve navigation and enhance visuals in a time frame of 1 year.

    Worked on multiple innovative projects using/introducing external open-source JavaScript libraries.

    Constructed new layouts and customized existing pages using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript (jQuery, VueJS)

    Used CRUD operations to work with complex data using SQL.

    Handled user input events using jQuery, used AJAX to send requests to APIs, MySQL to fetch information and formatted/processed using PHP.

    Optimized multiple lagging parts of the primary products increasing speed by as much as 80% using JavaScript and PHP.

    Participated in transitioning traditional HTML architecture to VueJS.

    Built new components using VueJS, Sass and NPM packages such as Axios.

    Provided continued maintenance and development of bug fixes by communicating with QA and UAT teams.

    Communicated with remote & local teams successfully to work on various projects.

    Worked with UX & UI Designers to introduce new layouts and implement them with new technologies.

    Worked in an Agile-driven environment to effectively maintain project timelines and utilize available resources.

  • 01/2018 03/2018

    Software Engineering Internship

    The Qt Company, Santa Clara, CA

    Created a benchmarking suite with eleven tests using QML, C++, and JavaScript.

    Collaborated with a team of three to develop features used for obtaining performance graphs from the tests.

    Implemented features such as results graphing using Qt Charts, data exporting using C++ and the ability to run multiple tests in sequence by creating automated test scripts using JSON.

    Ran the tests on embedded devices using our cross‐platform benchmark suite and used the data obtained from them to analyze the performance of Qt GUIs.

    Generated a final report providing information about the application architecture, its usage, performance analysis and future suggestions.

  • 08/2014 08/2017

    Full Stack Developer

    Web Technology SRO, Prague, Czech Republic

    Created the one‐page responsive website from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap 3.

    Communicated with clients and customized complex functionalities for already existing websites using HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript, WordPress or Joomla.

    Wrote multiple blog posts related to latest technologies to boost company's Search Engine Rankings.

    Developed eleven multi‐page responsive bootstrap templates using PSD files provided by a website designer and converted it using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap Framework.

    Was a Lead developer for redesigning company's website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL.

    Used high‐standard SEO principles for redesigning the website to achieve top rankings in Google Search Engine.

    Obtained information from Google Analytics to generate weekly reports about company's progress and foresee special keywords useful for boosting the rankings.

    Developed responsive website design for customer and administrator panel using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Framework and Adobe Photoshop.

    Implemented database architecture from scratch and used it for information, retrieval, deletion or addition using PHP PDO to prevent SQL injections.

    Used jQuery, JSON, AJAX, PHP and PHP PDO with MySQL in order to handle various events on the website and output the relevant content.

    Currently, the website is a market leader holding the first page of Google Search Engine for the keywords "free bootstrap templates" and "bootstrap templates".

  • 01/2014 06/2014

    Web Development Intern

    Web Technology LTD, Tbilisi, Georgia

    Researched and learned more about Bootstrap Framework and its usage for developing responsive websites.

    Created multiple one‐page responsive websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

    Converted multi‐page PSD website templates to Bootstrap templates.

    Obtained the best intern award for providing exceptional ideas needed to improve the user experience.

    Was able to handle highly stressed situations and unexpected errors in an efficient manner.

    Successfully finished company provided SEO courses for later use and consideration of marketing strategies.

  • 01/2013 12/2013

    Front-End Engineering Intern

    Quatrolex, London, United Kingdom

    Maintained and customized web‐based applications using HTML and CSS.

    Communicated with clients to understand underlying business processes to create the exceptional user experience.

    Made recommendations and developed technical design for new website features.

    Identified and corrected performance issues.

    Implemented pixel‐perfect designs that exceeded user expectations.








CSS, Sass, Less
















Relational DB




React Native


AWS (Certified)












More skills

System Design
Critical Thinking


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